How We WorkNCII is incredibly flexible in its approach to scoping and implementing work with our clients. We do not offer any “off-the-shelf” methodologies or frameworks that we will attempt to force onto you; rather we work closely with project leaders to design an engagement that will meet your needs. While our projects vary tremendously in scope and depth, typical features of engagements include:

  • Keynotes, plenary and/or breakout sessions at existing campus or system-level professional development events designed to kick off or catalyze thinking for improvement efforts
  • Single or multi-day workshops, retreats or working sessions preferably scheduled multiple times throughout a year with a college or system
  • Facilitation of key campus, system, or initiative-level meetings
  • Practitioner engagement as a resource for change (primarily with NCII Partner Public Agenda)
  • Site visits designed to glean insight from high-performing colleges and organizations around the country
  • Virtual support through webinars, facilitated virtual team meetings, and phone support
  • Creation of customized models that illustrate cost analyses, cost effectiveness / return-on-investment (ROI), cost efficiency, student cost savings, and wage gains
  • Creation of inquiry guides designed to assist in implementation of key design principles
  • Document review, synthesis and reflection
  • Visualization / creation of infographics to help make the case for change with data or tell the story of impactful change efforts
  • Formative and summative evaluation services for foundation and government-funded grants
  • Assistance in evolving campus institutional research efforts

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