While we work with many partners on a variety of projects around the country, NCII has created formal partnerships with four key organizations. NCII’s core expertise in the inquiry & improvement process blends seamlessly with the engagement work of Public Agenda, the scholarly and applied research of CCRC, the deep policy and career & educational pathways expertise of JFF, and the practitioner-driven research and evaluation expertise of The RP Group. Brief descriptions of each are included below.

  • Public Agenda — http://www.publicagenda.org

    Public AgendaPublic Agenda is a nonprofit organization that helps diverse leaders and citizens navigate complex, divisive issues. Through nonpartisan research and engagement, it provides people with the insights and support they need to arrive at workable solutions on critical issues, regardless of their differences. Since 1975, Public Agenda has helped foster progress on higher education affordability, achievement gaps, community college completion, use of technology and innovation, and other higher education issues. Find Public Agenda online at PublicAgenda.org, on Facebook at facebook.com/PublicAgenda and on Twitter at @PublicAgenda.

  • The Community College Research Center (CCRC) — http://ccrc.tc.columbia.edu/

    The Community College Research Center (CCRC)CCRC is the leading independent authority on two-year colleges in the United States. We conduct research on the issues affecting community colleges and work with colleges and states to improve student success and improve institutional performance. CCRC strategically assesses the problems and performance of community colleges in order to contribute to the development of practice and policy that expands access to higher education and promotes success for all students.

  • Jobs for the Future — http://www.jff.org

    Jobs for the FutureJFF works with our partners to design and drive the adoption of education and career pathways leading from college readiness to career advancement for those struggling to succeed in today’s economy. By 2020, JFF, working with our partners, is committed to doubling the number of low-income youth and adults who attain postsecondary credentials. In more than 100 communities across 39 states, JFF improves the pathways leading from high school to college to family-sustaining careers.

  • The Research and Planning (RP) Group — http://www.rpgroup.org

    The Research and Planning (RP) GroupThe RP Group strengthens the abilities of community colleges to gather, analyze and act on information in order to strengthen student success. The research & evaluation division of the RP Group, formerly known as the Center for Student Success, utilizes the skills and unique perspectives of college researchers, faculty, and administrators. The success of RP Group projects is rooted in their design. Each project is led by a unique team of community college staff, faculty, and administrators who have proven research skills and a direct understanding of the subject at hand. Projects culminate in audience-specific products that stimulate discussion, improve outcomes, and strengthen student success.

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