• Guided Pathways Demystified

    Guided Pathways Demystified

    College leaders and practitioners know the completion agenda is here to stay. Perhaps the most promising movement explored in the past five years to achieve our completion goals centers on providing students "guided pathways" to success. This paper explores ten of the most commonly asked questions about guided pathways collected by Dr. Johnstone and his colleagues across the country over the last five years. The paper shares Dr. Johnstone's thinking about why these important questions may actually lead us to focus on guided pathways more, not less...

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  • Lumina Foundation's Beyond Financial Aid

    Beyond Financial Aid is a toolkit designed to help two- and four-year institutions close attainment gaps for low-income students.  BFA expands the concept of “financial supports” for college beyond grants, scholarships and loans and describes six college-tested strategies for helping low-income students overcome the significant challenges created by limited resources.  BFA features a self-assessment that college teams can use to analyze their service capacities and an interpretation guide to help map out their first steps toward strengthening these capacities.

    Download at Lumina Foundation's Website

  • Carnegie Statway / Quantway Fiscal Considerations

    Carnegie Statway / Quantway Fiscal Considerations

    Explores the fiscal considerations of The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching's Statway & Quantway initiatives, including return-on-investment, cost per completer, and cost savings and wage gains to students. Makes the case that we have not only a moral and ethical reason to support such programs at scale, but a variety of fiscal incentives as well. Uses early results from real-world Statway / Quantway colleges as well as customized models created for six Statway / Quantway colleges.

    The customizable Microsoft Excel model that accompanies the paper can be downloaded for use here.

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  • Completion by Design Inquiry Guide Series - developed while at The RP Group

    CBD - Building a Culture of Inquiry

    Building a Culture of Inquiry: Using a Cycle of Exploring Research and Data to Improve Student Success

    Explores the concept of a culture of inquiry and introduces a framework to strengthen a college’s ability to better use research and evidence to inform improvement efforts.

    A series of six videos tracing the applied inquiry framework are available here.

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    CBD - Understanding the Student Experience Through the Loss/Momentum Framework

    Understanding the Student Experience Through the Loss/Momentum Framework: Clearing the Path to Completion

    Introduces an approach to examining students’ own experiences at community colleges, identifying factors that catalyze and impede student progress and using these insights to address opportunities to improve student outcomes.

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    CBD - The Nuances of Completion

    The Nuances of Completion: Improving Student Outcomes by Unpacking the Numbers

    Examines the hidden complexity of completion outcome data and offers an approach to teasing out the complex factors that affect student completion in order to boost student success.

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    CBD - Principles of Redesign

    Principles of Redesign: Promising Approaches to Transforming Student Outcomes

    Presents eight core ideas to help colleges address the fundamental challenges to student success.

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  • California Acceleration Project Fiscal Considerations – coming soon
  • EdTrust Inquiry Guides – coming soon
  • BRIC Inquiry Guides - link to RP Group website
  • The Economics of Innovation section of “Basic Skills as a Foundation for Student Success in the California Community Colleges - link to RP Group website

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